Do you want to be part of the team that is revolutionizing how landscape supply is purchased? Do you enjoy creatively applying technology to solve real world problems?  Do you enjoy it so much that you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about a new approach to help solve that difficult problem?  Would you like to build products that help bring an entire industry online?  

If you answered yes to these questions, you may be a perfect fit for LandscapeHub’s Software Engineer. Reporting to our CTO / founder, the Software Engineer is responsible for the designing and building of our products. Oh, our industry is big so your efforts will help bring online a b2b marketplace for $100 Billion in materials.  Yes, the industry is really big.


Specific responsibilities of this role include:

  • Actively participate on an implementation team that takes a business problem and creatively builds technical solutions to solve those problems.  You won’t get handed a detailed spec that you need to code pixel perfect.  You’ll get handed a problem statement and supporting research and your team will take full responsibility for the success of the initiative.
  • Our software engineers wear many hats.  You’ll traverse your way up and down the full stack of software.  If you’re not proficient on a part of our platform, you’ll learn it with the help of the team.  You’ll also build out the infrastructure as needed (we use code for this too).  You’ll get to flex your design skills as we build out the architecture for new products. 
  • Your work will be varied, sometimes you’ll be working on a project to solve a problem for landscape contractors, other times you’ll be working on a tool for a grower of nursery products, other times an internal project to help our team scale, other times you’ll be integrating with 3rd party partners consuming API’s or building our own API’s.
  • We like getting to know our customers.  Visiting a nursery (farm) or a rock quarry or a large landscape contractor is something we like to do.  Of course, we’re not doing much of that now, but we’ll start in again once it’s safer.  Don’t worry, we have customers throughout the US so you’ll most likely be nearby one of our users no matter where you choose to call Home.
  • When a buyer uses our marketplace to procure a product for a job, there’s a lot of workflow that kicks in once submitting that order.   You’ll work on that flow and help optimize the process and also improve the communication that is occurring.


Candidate Characteristics:

  • Bachelor's degree or completed bootcamp or equiv experience
  • 2-10+ years relevant experience
  • Ruby / Rails / React deep experience - Required
  • Python / python data frameworks and machine learning / AI frameworks is a plus
  • Crazy communication skills, both verbal and written.  We’re all remote, good communication skills are required.
  • Agile experience required.  
  • Experience in B2B Marketplace or B2B ecommerce a plus
  • Mobile first design experience.  Our users are on job sites, in fields, in trucks and in their office.
  • A good sense of humor and a curious nature


Job Location:

  • In a place with a good internet connection.
  • We’ve always had a mix of people remote and in-person. Our team is all remote currently.
  • Once the world is back to a normal place, you’ll have your choice of how you want to work: full-on remote, remote but with co-working space, we may have a small Chicago office for working in full or part-time.



  • Base Salary and employee equity package
  • Health Care
  • FSA / Commuter 
  • Vision, Dental, Life and AD&D


How to apply

Interested candidates should email their resume to


Our mission

We strive to find individuals who are passionate about our mission in the green industry and who exemplify our core values. Every day, we strive to improve the lives of green industry professionals. We're creating an industry that's more connected, transparent, and better equipped to serve green professionals' current and future needs. 


Our core values

We live by a core set of values that enable us to do our best work in an environment that is respectful, kind, and full of curious minds. As a team, we value:

  • Meaningful solutions that help the businesses we serve
  • Continuous learning and development

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

We are an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, age, national origin, disability status, genetic information, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. We encourage individuals of all backgrounds to apply for this position. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive organization.